My name is Alyson for the record, I was born a good bit after the steam age, but before the internet was invented: I'm not old though, just very nicely experienced.

As a teenager I used to write stories which reflected an early literary diet of science fiction and fantasy. I did this on an actual typewriter (yes, a real one and I even learned to touch-type) before some bright spark invented computers. Then life got in the way and I stopped my stories for a long, long time. I did carry on reading though and enjoyed many of the absolutely brilliant writers that there are out there. Hopefully I learned something from them all.

Eventually inspired by the possibilities thrown up by of digital publishing, I joined a local writing club and rather nervously and slowly started writing quaint little stories about demons, usually with soul-stealing character defects. One day, just for a change, I sat at my desk and started writing about an angel. Having crossed over to the 'other side' (sort of) I suddenly found I couldn't stop and now plan many new books.

I live in London (I'm a bit reclusive, and I am not telling you which part, so pretend it's one of the posh areas). There are many other great cities in the world  (I love Madrid, Rome, Paris too) but London is my home for as long as it is open to the world, because that is what it symbolises to me: the best from all over the world.

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