My Wings be Forgotten cover

My Wings be Forgotten

Forgotten Wings #1

Be brave. Be strong. Have no doubts.

Financed by the mysterious Paul Santos, Sapphira has wealth, beauty and a new life to look forward to and she is learning that being cast down to Earth is not the worst thing that can happen to an angel. After all, this world has such wonders: Fancy clothes and exquisite shoes amongst them. It also has the chance to find true love and isn’t that worth losing immortality for?

But her arrival is noted by others: demons that can walk through walls, change shape and twist reality around them. And these have been waiting a long, long time for someone just like her.

So how will an angel stripped of her magnificent powers cope with it all? Will she stand up and fight them or join them and forfeit her very soul? And how will her new human friends react when they discover who she really is?

Things are always going to get dangerous for the only angel to ever fall from Hell