Cover picture of Queen of Demons

Queen of Demons

Forgotten Wings #3

Neither angel nor demon can remain on earth without becoming human - well, mostly human – but you never completely change inside from what you were, do you? So is Sapphira Rossini an angel or is she a demon? Sapphira herself isn’t certain but she is learning one thing: the demons cast onto earth over whom she claims sovereignty do not fear rich little celebrity girls - even if her real father rules all of Hell.

And there is a man, a human, who knows Sapphira’s secret and knows how to surpass the magic which makes all the old demons almost invulnerable to harm. He recognizes the power of temptation and he believes in the absolute need for punishment. His aim is simple: to do battle with the one person whom he thinks is the Antichrist herself. And working for him are other threats; the master swordsman and killer known as the Chop-Chop man dismisses Sapphira as a ‘mere woman’ whilst a witch-seductress with the mythical powers of a siren is going to try and bring her entire world crashing down ...

The third book in the Forgotten Wings series sees Sapphira, our favourite angel from Hell, once again fighting for her life and loved ones against the odds.